Technology and Teens

Five Tips for Helping Teens Manage Technology
Teaching Kids to be Smart about Social Media (Nemours Health)
Recommendations on software that will limit their children’s access websites that could be considered distracting.
FBI Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety
99 Texting Acronyms and Phrases Every Parent Should Know

Family Online Safety Institute – Report: Parenting in the Digital Age

Websites for Parents
Common Sense Media: website
Parents page on
Netsmartz Parents and Guardians page
WiredSafety’s Parents Page (pdf)
FCC Reboot Resources for Parents

Tech Monitoring Web-Based Programs
Cold Turkey (Windows Only)
Keep Me Out
Tomato Timer
Self Control (Mac only)
Freedom (costs $10)

TED Talk – “Connected but Alone?”
Parenting Tip Videos by Common Sense Media